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What's On Tap?

Friday Sept. 19
Dogfish Head   Punkin Ale
Twin Lakes   Oktoberfest
Flying Fish   Hopfish
River Horse   American Amber

Saturday Sept. 20
Barren Hill   Oatmeal Stout
Old Forge   Falling Down Brown
Neshaminy   Dunkelweizen
Saucony Creek   Stonefly IPA
Weyerbacher Last   Chance IPA

Sunday Sept. 21
Heavy Seas   Loose Cannon
Dominion   Oktoberfest
Evolution   Jaques au Lantern
Duclaw 31   Pumpkin
Stillwater   Cellar Door

Too Early For Pumpkin Beer?

Yes   -       50%
No   -       42%
They make pumpkin beer?   -       8%

Total Votes: 108

Latest News

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8/08/2014     Beers Brewed With Some Very Strange Ingredients
7/26/2014     Drink & Stay at the Dogfish Inn

Today's Events

  • Saturday, September 20, 2014

    Self-Guided Brewery Tours    
    20/09/2014 11:30:00 21/09/2014 00:00:00 15 Self-Guided Brewery Tours Nodding Head Brewery
    1516 Sansom St.,Philadelphia,PA (215) 569-9525
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    Saturday, September 20     11:30 AM - 12:00 AM     Price: Pay As You Go
      Nodding Head Brewery 1516 Sansom St.   Philadelphia    Center City
    Categories: EducationBrewery Spotlight 
    Featured Brewery:    Nodding Head Brewery 

    Come get up close and personal with Philadelphia's "Little Brewery That Could" with our Self-Guided Brewery Tour handouts. Grab a pint at the bar and wander back to the malt room, where the milling of the grain begins the process. Move on over to the brewhouse, through the fermentation and filtering processes and finish off at the serving tanks, or better yet, the Phunk Barrels. It's funny, it's informative, it's informal...it's whatever you want it to be. Heck, you might even learn something. #learning not required PAYG

    Fegley's Brewery Tours and Sampling    
    20/09/2014 12:00:00 20/09/2014 14:00:00 15 Fegley's Brewery Tours and Sampling Allentown Brew Works
    812 W. Hamilton Street,Allentown,PA (610) 433-7777
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    Saturday, September 20     12:00 PM - 2:00 PM     Price: FREE SAMPLES
      Allentown Brew Works 812 W. Hamilton Street   Allentown    Lehigh County
    Categories: Free Beer For SparksBrewery SpotlightBeer Tasting 
    Featured Brewery:    Fegley's Brew Works 

    Learn how Fegley's award-winning craft beer is made and how it tastes! Take a tour of the brewery located at the Allentown Brew Works every Saturday - the tour is free but reservations are required. Contact our friendly staff today at 610-433-7777.
    Get an up-close look at the three new 30bbl Fermenters that will help further the push of our beer throughout the region!We’re throwing open the doors every Saturday at noon on the back room brewery and leading our friends from beginning to end with glass in hand.
    WHO? - The Allentown Brew Works and the friendly brewery staff.
    WHEN? - Sign up for any Saturday (reservations required). Email sales@thebrewworks.com today!
    WHAT? - Free brewery tour and sampling session. Guided tour through the brewing process followed by a tasting session of Fegley’s Allentown Brew Works Seasonal and Flagship beers.
    WHERE? - Allentown Brew Works 812 W. Hamilton St.
    WHY? - To build and reward a better beer loving community.
    SEE - See firsthand as knowledgeable staff members show you the entire process of how our award winning brewery operates.
    HEAR - Hear the inside story of the brewing techniques used to create ales and lagers.
    TOUCH - Get hands on and up close with the equipment the brewers use to get medal after medal.
    SMELL - Smell the sweet scents of milled grains, pungent fermenting yeasts, and floral hoppy aromas.
    And all the while…taste and taste…and taste…and taste some more.
    The tour to good taste starts right here!Glass is in session!
    Reservations are required for our tours. Please call us at 610-433-7777 to book yours today.

    Cantillon Zwanze Day @ Monk's Cafe    
    20/09/2014 12:00:00 20/09/2014 19:00:00 15 Cantillon Zwanze Day @ Monk's Cafe Monk's Cafe
    264 S 16th Street,Philadelphia,PA (215) 545-7005
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    Saturday, September 20     12:00 PM - 7:00 PM     Price: Pay As You Go
      Monk's Cafe 264 S 16th Street   Philadelphia    Center City
    Categories: Beer FestivalBrewery SpotlightNew ProductBeer Tasting 

    Here we go again...it's time for our Annual Cantillon Zwanze Day. Every vintage of Zwanze has been an experiment for Jean-Pierre and now Jan Van Roy to be creative. One year it was a lambic made with rhubarb, another with elder flowers (which became the annually produced Mamouche) and now this year's version... OK, you'll have to wait a second before I provide Jean's description. We'll also have three more Cantillons on draft and a few bottles, too. We will focus on only Cantillon lambics until we run out. I'll let you know our draft lineup once the kegs arrive in my cellar. Due to the clamor for this über rare beer, we will serve smaller portions so more of our guests have the opportunity to taste. We expect to be crowded because we don't often have 4 kegs of Cantillon pouring. So this will be a CASH ONLY event. No credit cards, no debit cards, no tabs...just cash as you order your beers please.


    Thanks for your patience. Here is Jean's description of Cantillon Zwanze 2014...

    Dear Zwanze enthusiasts,

    Some of you have already had the opportunity to taste Iris Grand Cru aged 3 years in a 400-litre cask. This product was sold without having been blended with a younger beer and so there was no possibility of secondary fermentation. As a result, Iris Grand Cru is a non-sparkling beer and it is meant to be drunk like cereal wine. Without cold hopping, its fragrances tend more towards the characteristic acidity of a spontaneous fermentation product associated with a slight caramel taste.

    In other news, my eldest son, Florian, turned 18 on 3 May. To duly celebrate his transition to adulthood, and as the worthy son of a lambic brewer, Flo received a rather original birthday gift: an entire cask filled with “Cuvée Florian”.

    Admittedly, finding the name was easy, but it was another matter to come up with the actual beer we were going to produce on this occasion. When I first tasted the Iris Grand Cru, I immediately thought that adding a touch of fruitiness to the caramel accent could be very complementary. And since my son’s favourite beer is kriek, I based myself on a mix of these two products to create his birthday present.

    As my goal was not to create some kind of kriek clone, I reduced the amount of fruit by 40% in this blend with the Iris Grand Cru. After all, the core idea was to contribute fruitiness and mellowness to the base beer, not recreate a beer that tasted like sour cherries. Although cold-hopping with the same quantities used for “traditional” Iris would probably have masked the blend’s very subtle fragrances, I still wanted to add a touch of bitterness to this birthday present and decided to opt for a small dose of superb and very delicate Bramling Cross hops. The linger on the palate is very complex while the fruity fragrances of the hops play a subtle role without throwing off balance the beer's range of flavours and bouquet.

    For this Zwanze 2014 I had originally planned on using the spontaneous fermentation stout brewed at the beginning of 2013, but despite the fact that this beer is already very good I have the feeling that another year of maturing in a cask will give it more delicateness and character. In light of this we needed another beer to replace our “wild” stout so as to be able to organise our Zwanze Day, and as you will undoubtedly have understood by now, the success of “Cuvée Florian” meant that it did not take very long for us to make a decision.

    I did ask the kid if he was OK with me making a new version of his birthday present, and since this was not a problem for him, it was only logical to call this Zwanze 2014 “Cuvée Florian”!

    Happy birthday, son!


    Jean Van Roy

    Germantown Avenue Brewers Cartel    
    20/09/2014 12:00:00 20/09/2014 17:00:00 15 Germantown Avenue Brewers Cartel Barren Hill Tavern & Brewery
    646 Germantown Pike,Lafayette Hill,PA (484) 344-5438
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    Saturday, September 20     12:00 PM - 5:00 PM     Price: 20.00
      Barren Hill Tavern & Brewery 646 Germantown Pike   Lafayette Hill    Montgomery County
    Categories: Beer TastingNew ProductBar Crawl 
    Featured Breweries:    Barren Hill Tavern & BreweryIron Hill Brewery & Restaurant - Chestnut Hill 

    What happens when 3 brewers from 3 different breweries get together and brew 3 different beers

    Includes: continuous bus loop between all three breweries – you can start at any of them & 1 (one) collaborative beer at each brew pub

    *Barren Hill Tavern & Brewery - 646 Germantown Pike Lafayette Hill, PA 19444

    *Iron Hill Chestnut Hill - 8400 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19118

    *Earth Bread & Brewery - 7136 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19119

    Tom Baker (Brewer at Earth Bread + Brewery) Brewed a beer at Barren Hill Tavern & Brewery - Biere de Garde with Sorrel and Arugula -

    Paul Rutherford (Brewer at Iron Hill Brewery – Chestnut Hill) Brewed a beer at Earth Bread + Brewery - Cherry Berliner Weisse

    Scott Morrison (Brewer at barren Hill Tavern & Brewery) Brewed a beer at Iron Hill Brewery – Chestnut Hill - Buckwheat Saison

    Oktoberfest w/ Victory Brewing Company    
    20/09/2014 14:00:00 20/09/2014 18:00:00 15 Oktoberfest w/ Victory Brewing Company Perch Pub
    1345 Locust Street,Philadelphia,PA (215) 546-4090
    false DD/MM/YYYY
    Saturday, September 20     2:00 PM - 6:00 PM     Price: Pay As You Go
      Perch Pub 1345 Locust Street   Philadelphia    Center City
    Categories: Brewery SpotlightCompetition & GiveawaysTap Takeover 
    Featured Brewery:    Victory Brewing Company 

    Victory is taking over Perch’s taps on Saturday, September 20 for an afternoon of fun and German beer. No local brewer does German beer better than Victory and we’ll be pouring a showcase of their ales and lagers that includes Festbier, Victory Dark Lager, Moonglow Weizenbock, Brotherly Suds Five, and Moving Parts Noble IPA. In addition, Victory will be hanging out with some pretty sweet Oktoberfest themed giveaways that include some very limited Victory Steins. Stop by for a taste of Bavaria, lederhosen optional. Prost!

    Bethlehem Mug Club Auction    
    20/09/2014 14:00:00 20/09/2014 16:00:00 15 Bethlehem Mug Club Auction Bethlehem Brew Works
    569 Main St. ,Bethlehem ,PA (610) 882-1300
    false DD/MM/YYYY
    Saturday, September 20     2:00 PM - 4:00 PM    
      Bethlehem Brew Works 569 Main St.   Bethlehem    Lehigh County
    Categories: Brewery SpotlightFree Beer For SparksNew ProductOther 
    Featured Brewery:    Fegley's Brew Works 

    The 2014 Bethlehem Brew Works Mug Club Auction will be held on Saturday, September 20th at 2pm.The 2014 Allentown Brew Works Mug Club Auction will be held on Sunday, September 21st at 2pm.
    Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come…It’s time for the 2014 Mug Club Auctions! All New Members get their first beer on us!
    Get in on the Club with bonus bucks, Birthday Rewards, and discounts galore. Plus, your own extra large mug!
    2014 MUG DETAILS…Our 2014 “Prag” mug is an imported German Seidel mug with a pewter badge designed by local artist Alexander Clare.

    Chalk Board Auction    
    20/09/2014 14:00:00 20/09/2014 16:00:00 15 Chalk Board Auction Bethlehem Brew Works
    569 Main St. ,Bethlehem ,PA (610) 882-1300
    false DD/MM/YYYY
    Saturday, September 20     2:00 PM - 4:00 PM    
      Bethlehem Brew Works 569 Main St.   Bethlehem    Lehigh County
    Categories: Brewery SpotlightFree Beer For SparksNew ProductOther 
    Featured Brewery:    Fegley's Brew Works 

    Join us at 2pm during the Great Mug Club Auction at the Bethlehem Brew Works for a chance to bid on CHALKBOARD ART! Meet the artists and bid on your favorite board. There will be chalkboards up for bid drawn by Fegley's Brew Works' beer labelArtist Alexander Clare and artist Maureen Tray. 100% of chalkboard auction proceeds will be given back to the artists, so come on out and support the local art-scene!
    Want to Join the Mug Club?Every wonder what it would be like to join the best club in town? Wonder no more and join us on 9/20 at 2pm for Fegley's Mug Club Auction. We'll be auctioning off mugs and chalkboards beginning at 2pm. Come out and join in the revelry. More info here about the Mug Club.
    Place Your Early Bidsat the Bethlehem Brew Works bidding forms will be behind the bar soon! On 9/20 the auction will begin at the last bid entered or fresh bidding will begin if no bids are entered.
    Images coming soon for the Chalkboard Art Auction on 9/20/2014 but please enjoy

    Cosby Appreciation Night    
    20/09/2014 22:00:00 21/09/2014 02:00:00 15 Cosby Appreciation Night Varga Bar
    941 Spruce,Philadelphia,PA (215) 627-5200
    false DD/MM/YYYY
    Saturday, September 20     10:00 PM - 2:00 AM     Price: Pay As You Go
      Varga Bar 941 Spruce   Philadelphia    Center City
    Categories: Free Beer For SparksBrewery SpotlightBeer TastingOther 
    Featured Breweries:    ShawneeCraft Brewing CompanyYards Brewing Company 

    In honor of the thirtieth anniversary of the greatest show of all time, The Cosby Show, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co, Varga Bar and Yards Brewing are throwing an appreciation night party to end all appreciation night parties. There will be pudding pop firkins, a Cosby sweater contest, Jell-O shots, chocolate puddings, interrupted attempts at eating sandwiches, and of course some jello wrestling. There will be beers from the two breweries and we may even screen the two finest films ever made, ghost dad and leonard 6. See you there.